The universe is epicly large.  It exists on a timeline most of us couldn’t even understand, let alone actually comprehend in its entirety.  Infinity and eternity stretching in all directions forever.

And right here, in some part of it, on an isolated planet, with nothing but ourselves for company, we sit, with delusions of grandeur and universal meaning.

The universe isn’t malevolent, but it’s not exactly benevolent either.  It just is.  And as big and as long as it is, you can bet we are the merest flicker of a flicker of a flicker in its pan, as a species, let alone as individuals.

Hell, to human history, most of us are forgotten pawns, basic toilers who impacted the course of human evolution in exactly a nil manner.

Most of us will go to our grave forgotten, our stories lost to all but those who knew us best, and when they go, we die with them once again.

Even those of us who made a difference and were remembered, what are they in the grand scheme of the infinite and eternal universe?  Humanity will one day pass and the universe won’t give a shit that we were here, and that we were influenced by men like Jesus and Ghandi and Hitler and Albert Einstein.

This may sound like fatalism, but it’s just reality.

And it’s a good thing.

The good news is there’s no plan.  The better news is that this means we are all free to do whatever we want, whatever we feel is worthwhile to spend our time here, because the universe isn’t dictating what that is.

It also means that every action we’ve taken, every thought, every word and desire and frustration and good and bad behaviour is entirely on us.  If the universe has no grand meaning for us, then we have to invert the ability to create meaning and make it individual.

We are responsible for everything we do.  We are all utterly free, all the time, no matter our circumstances.  The universe is not dictating our behaviour; we do, and it’s the same whether you live in the ivory tower or a jail cell in Guantanemo.

Nothing means anything but the meaning we give it.  We choose the value of the things in our life.

So why not choose to do something cool while you’re here?  Something you love?  Why waste it being beholden to another or behaving in a manner inconsistent with who you want to be?

If this is all we get before we’re gone, why be anything other than free?

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