Life is lived in immersion, not distraction.

Whether it’s the crushing angst of the loss of a close friend or family member, or the joyous high of peak creation, all the biggest moments of our lives, the ones that make life what it really is, are immersive.

Think sitting around a pool with a couple too many drinks or some illuminant mushrooms and just talking total bullshit with your friends, giggling like idiots and all in all, having the time of your lives.

Think deep in passion, sweaty bodies writhing together.

Think the heat of a close game, the bump and push of bodies together as the competition ratchets up and sucks everyone in.

Think the awe-inducing pit of a great novel, pulling you in and flooding your brain with expansion and tension and emotion and ideas.

That is how I want to live.  At all times.

Whatever is happening, in total immersion, good or bad.

Lost in it, part of it, the moment’s energy running through me.



And nothing else.

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