Normal (Don’t Do It)

This could be a normal post about not being normal.

I think that by now, most people have read plenty of quotes about not being normal.  Most (if not all) of our best stories, regardless of medium, revolve around people who go beyond the norm.  After all, normal is boring and stupid, right?

And yet, normal is what most of us supposedly are, isn’t it?

Except that I don’t believe that’s true.  Normal is an external judgment we apply.  Looking at every person in more depth, you’ll find abnormalities.  Things that set them apart.  That make them unique, for better or worse.

Normal’s an outdated concept.  Brainwashed, unthinking, cowering to the opinions of others – these are common things, but they are not normal in a rational mind.  A rational mind questions what they’re told, thinks about it, comes at it from different angles.

That’s what a healthy mind does.  A normal, healthy mind.

Normal is just another word for too stupid to question the beliefs with which you surround yourself.  Normal is a word for those would rather disappear in the masses, or are too crushed of spirit to break free.  Normal is what they want you to be – an automaton, a mindless sycophant doing exactly what they want you to do.

Normal doesn’t exist.  Everyone’s different.  Every culture, every country, every individual.  Every subculture and counterculture.  What is “normal” here is not normal to our neighbours in the South or in Europe or in Africa or Asia.

Normal is a matter of perspective.  In 1943 in Germany, fascism, racism and genocide were normal.  Suspicion and paranoia and betrayal and fear were normal.  In current day United States, the same is coming true.  The same could not have been said in 1776 or 1863 or 1969.

What is normal?  Just the current state of affairs.  To be normal is to be lost; to be part of a undifferentiated crowd.

Except: you are different.  You are unique.  Your suppressions come from a desire to be accepted, to be normal in the eyes of others.

But you will never be normal.

You are unique.

Why fight a battle for a thing you can never become, to avoid the thing you inevitably are?

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