This is probably about as trite as it gets, but I am a fan of meditation.

In fact, I’ll go so far as to suggest that just sitting alone and focusing on being present is a primary factor in my personal growth and increasing self-awareness over the past ten years, as well as any changes in my focus, perspective, personality or behaviour.

All of it, from the idea of just sitting down and being at peace with one’s breath for even a few minutes.  The ability to take a step back and find a moment of peace, at any point, by training myself with these meditation practices, has been extremely helpful.

I’m no bodhisattva.  Don’t get me wrong.

But it’s had an impact.  I’m light years ahead of where I used to be, from a mental and emotional standpoint, from even five minutes a day of practice.

Obviously, more is better, but hey, who’s got the time, am I right?

Man, I am bad at wording today.

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