Breaking It All Down

I set deadlines for myself on things.  I try not to obsess too much over the future, but it’s important to have direction.  Aimlessness can be fun for a while, but ultimately, the lack of purpose gets to you.  Life should be a blend of kicking back in the moment and taking action to fulfill one’s purpose.

As a result, there’s always a hard deadline for certain projects, and looser ones for others.  In some things, I’m way ahead.  It’s easy to get ahead on the things that suck you in, that you enjoy.  Others, though you may enjoy them, require a significant expenditure of energy, mental, emotional or physical, and therefore, need to be parceled out in smaller chunks.

For these, it can be difficult to get started.  I love writing and creation, but it can take a lot out of a person.  The knowledge of the effort required, combined with low energy or a depressive state can make it difficult or undesirable to get started, no matter the enjoyment or satisfaction I may get from doing it.

I’ve calculated all the things I need to do between here and the deadline for the current novella, and it’s a lot, particularly since I’m going to Jamaica for a week and Christmas is in there.  Still, what must be done, must be done.

Wish me luck.

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