It is roughly -500 below zero outside, at least -400 degrees of which seems to have seeped into my house.

Normally, I love winter, but it’s the sports and the fresh fallen snow that get me.  Hot chocolate, and the sparkle of the sun off newly fallen snowflakes.  I don’t even mind shovelling or driving.  Fishtailing is kind of fun, if you’re not an idiot about it.

But this… this is something else.  I haven’t been this cold since we spent eleven hours outside at the Big House in Ann Arbor for the Winter Classic between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Detroit Red Wings.  (The Leafs won, yay, but of course, since we were all frozen, they went to a shootout).

It was -15 that day, with the wind and snow in our face, but we were happy.

Today, I’m inside, beside the radiator which feel like a small inferno, but has made next to no dent in the temperature of the air.  Even my cat is hiding under the blanket on my lap.

The world is a weird thing, and sometimes, you just can’t warm up.

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