Bigger Breaths

I’m all for a skeptical, open mind.  I’m all for asking questions.

But if you aren’t going to listen to the answers, why bother?

For example, would you hire a plumber to diagnose an issue with your shower, then when the plumber’s done, turn to your friend, who also knows nothing about plumbing and ask his opinion, then take your friend’s opinion over the plumber?

Or for example, hire an entire team of IT professionals, then rely on your own intuition as to the source of an IT problem, while repeatedly telling everyone and anyone around you that you know nothing about tech and want nothing to do with it?

It’s like having surgery explained to you by the surgeon, and then calling your mother, who works as a  grocery clerk, and asking her to re-diagnose you and make their own suggestions on treatment, and then preferring that opinion to the highly trained, very qualified specialist.

This world is not smart enough to deserve better, I swear.

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