The snow brings a silence that settles everything, it seems.  There’s a scientific reason.  Something about the crystalline structure of fresh-fallen snow acting as an absorbent for sound.  That accounts for the seeming peace that joins us each time there’s a fresh snowfall.

Today, we’re in the process of receiving said gift in abundance.  It mirrors the quieting of the mind, the disappearance of the relentless chatter in our head, the background noise of our lives.

Snow is made for stillness, and that vein is what I choose for myself.  There’s been so much doubt and depression and anger lately.  It seems like life is mirroring art, but not in an uplifting way, but in the slow painful torture of something like This Is Us.

I read a Tweet from some author stating they weren’t able to handle the emotional impact of such a show on top of their normal life.

I’m starting to wonder the same.

But in stillness, there is peace, and in silence, there is connection.



Calmer reason.

And so, that is how I will spend my day, in calmness and in reason, in stillness and in silence, and let the snow fall how it may.

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