Something Positive

I need to write something positive today before I go berserk.

I am, mostly, surrounded by idiots.  By people who only ever care about themselves and their own agendas.  By those whose sense of entitlement causes them to believe that the world revolves around their every whim, no matter how lazy or imposing or absurdly self-absorbed it is.

Every day, I grow closer to a final understanding that this is a feature of the human race which cannot change.  Which will not change.  Which, seen over the course of our evolution, is a persistent and pervasive virus.

But there is hope.  There are normal people out there.  Most of us revulse at dealing with these folks.  If we can band together, and relegate these social cancers to the bottom of the pile with our most consistent and insistent “No”s, we can win this.

Deny them what they want.  Show them they must cater to their own whims if they want them satisfied.  Let them know that we do not exist to serve them, and that they have claim to our souls, our work, our minds or our bodies.

They have no claim.

It’s important to remember that when dealing with issues of over-entitlement.

They have no claim.


We do what we will, and allow others to do the same.  We are no one’s slave.

And no one owes us a goddamned thing.

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