Universal Roots

I like the idea that we all come from the same place.  If the big bang theory holds true (and there’s questions, no doubt), then we’re all descended from the same “stardust”, as Neil Degrasse Tyson so lovingly put it.

I often find universal origins to be a little constrictive in literature, and often stray into the realm of speculative beyond any sense of science or actual plausibility.  Something I recently read, despite the gorgeous art, reminded me of that.  In our attempts to make it all sound connected, we concoct crazy stories that often come out incoherent.

Hence, religion.

I actually don’t necessarily disagree with the idea of a higher power.  I am emphatically against anyone on earth actually knowing the morality behind such a power.  Such a power hasn’t even been confirmed in the slightest yet; how could any human being understand its will and be able to translate it in excruciating detail with regard to morality?

A human being trying to understand the will and intent of the omnipotent and all-powerful would be like an amoeba trying to grasp quantum physics.  Most people can’t do it, how could a one celled species even begin to understand what it is it’s supposed to comprehend?

It’s too big.

I think that’s the problem with off-world origins or stories that affect entire universes.  It’s too big.  Too large.

When it reaches that point, it can be awe-inspiring, but without any skin in the game, it can be hard to comprehend or feel anything about beyond a kind of wide-eyed “okay, wow.  I guess.”

And don’t get me wrong.  I’m in awe of astronauts.  I watched the Falcon Heavy launch with absolute wonder.

I dragged my wife and step-daughter to Cape Canaveral the last time we went to Cocoa Beach.

I just believe that we, as finite beings, want to understand everything, but it’s just too damn big and we can only ever get a tiny piece of it.

Hence, me calling bullshit on any and all religions.  I’m not saying there aren’t applications of religion – Buddhist meditation, for example, can help build incredible focus and presence.  I’m just saying when someone tells you they speak the will of gods, they know no better than an amoeba knows string theory.

They just want your money and your power, and that’s it.

Still, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try.

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