I fully intended to write about this on  Hallowe’en.  I’d just finished reading Fanboys Vs. Zombies, absurdist horror fiction of a wonderfully geeky degree, a short time earlier and then, boom, my grandmother died and my motivation died with her.

At least, motivation to write about things of a more upbeat disposition.

The novel I’m working on is of such dark composition, that this is a place intended to remind me why I’m here, what I stand for and what I stand against, as well as the things I love.

And I love to fanboy.

I’m a huge comic book nerd, and a genre fiction lover (though I’ve no issue with literary or non-fiction).

I don’t understand the hate people have for genres and titles outside of the things that they themselves like.

Sure, there are varying degrees of quality.  I don’t think anyone would hold Fanboys Vs. Zombies up as being greater than Watchmen, in terms of impact and storytelling, but it’s a fun read with characters that aren’t necessarily bland and lots of humour.

Quality is mostly relative when it comes to entertainment, though I think we all instinctively know when something is of higher artistic and cultural value than something else.  Harry Potter trumps the Hunger Games which trumps Twilight, for example.  The Marvel Cinematic Universe is objectively better storytelling than the Fast & The Furious franchise (of which I’ll admit I’ve only seen one, but that one was so poor it made me physically angry at my roommate for having dragged me to it).

I think quality and enjoyment are two different things, however.  I believe we should all grow to accommodate higher forms of learning and artistic appreciation, but I don’t believe we should raise ourselves so high it becomes snobbery.  We mustn’t forget that a cheap laugh is a still a laugh.

That said, to mire ourselves permanently in low quality fare like Fast & The Furious or Twilight is something we should avoid as well.  A two-hour car commercial or a novel series about a girl whose sole purpose is to get married and have a baby isn’t exactly the kind of thing that helps expand minds.

Still, if it makes you happy, go for it.  Just make sure it’s not dragging your IQ down into the mud as you do.

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