Time Travel

I guess I’m not like a lot of other geeks who either love or hate time travel.  Those who get lost in the particulars of it get frustrated by storytelling that seems to break the laws of physics (or just plain logic).  Those who love it love when it’s done cleverly, and the plot twists that can come with it.

Comic book writers love it for its ability to retcon, to create new divergent futures or insert favourite characters into the past.  Me, I’d like to stay away from it, as much as I can, unless I can do it consistently and logically (I do have an idea).

Of course, if there were time travellers and they were changing things on us, would we ever know?

How would we be able to tell?  How flexible is time?  How resilient?

All this comes from Chrononauts, a cool idea done in too quick a format, with characters that weren’t fleshed out well enough for my tastes, and took away from the story, which itself was a surprise disappointment from comic heavyweights Mark Millar and Sean Murphy.  My history with these guys has typically been one of admiration (and still is, despite the near miss here).

I guess we all have misses sometimes, things that don’t quite hit the mark.

I only hope mine don’t do the same, though I am certain they will.  It’s a sort of law in creative works, I think.

We throw shit at a wall and pray there are diamonds in the nuggets.

Unfortunately, sometimes it’s just shit.

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