I abhor violence, as most of us do, in real life.  The idea that someone would physically injure or even kill another human being over some dispute doesn’t make sense to me, unless you were actively responding to being attacked in real life (in the immediate moment, not the “responding” governments and other warhawks often refer to even when only the perception of potential violence exists).

Even in a self-defense situation, it’s still something to avoid, not glory in.  It is a matter of putting a stop to the immediate violence, as peaceably as possible, then moving to where things should have gone in the first place, as in any dispute – talking it out like reasonable adults.

Part of the reason I liked the Luther Strode series so much is that the violence is so over the top, you can’t help but feel it.  It’s kind of sickening to read, and leaves you with a feeling of repulsion, the way all violence should.

I’m a pacifist for a reason.  I believe all disputes can be solved without violence.  All conflicts can be resolved without a need for arms or abuse.

Where this desire doesn’t exist, where one party is willing to resort to force, it can only lead to misery, for all involved.  We cannot and will not evolve as a species until everyone is willing to sit down and talk through their differences.  It won’t always be easy, but the sooner we start, and the longer we remain dedicated to the process, the better off we’ll all be.

And our children will thank us.

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