Reference Books

I’ve always wondered whether these were popular or not in the comic world. I suppose there’s always some subsection of fan that can’t resist digging deeper, and it’s a way for a creator to add a little extra monetary juice and get all his or her prep work out there.

It’s a little “making the sausage”, which I suppose has its interests.

I just don’t necessarily see the value in it. Unless it deepens understanding or drives the story forward, it seems extraneous. Of course, it can be done well. Top Cow and Matt Hawkins in particular, who is a writer I quite enjoy, does it pretty regularly. Think Tank, Postal, Aphrodite IX… seems any title he’s associated with that has any success gets one.

It’s sort a way into the writer’s mind, into how they see the world, all the planning they do on their way to the actual story.

In that sense, it’s kind of nice, but not being a huge numbers guy myself, despite getting pretty good grades in both maths and history, I tend to go a little fuzzy when things turn into dates and statistics.

Maybe that’s just me. I like telling details and I like bigger picture. I like characterizations and story twists. I like emotional and intellectual development.

Numbers and dates just don’t necessarily do anything for me. I don’t care that this historical event took place in March of 649 BC or that the PSI of a cyborg’s punching power is blah, blah, blah, oh God I’ve lost my own interest.

I suppose if I’m going to continue to be a writer, however, I should probably learn.

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