Crossovers Over Timelines

I know it’s been done, but I always appreciate when someone’s able to do a crossover well. And not just any crossover, but a crossover between two entire disparate timelines or events that somehow impact the overarching storyline.

I thought Avengers: Infinity War did that well, with two entirely separate stories that didn’t really touch except for the common theme of stopping Thanos. I thought the one-shot Aphrodite IX/Cyber Force was a nice way of showing how the whole Aphrodite protocol came about from both ends of the timeline (roughly a thousand years).

That’s not an easy task. Most skirt the issue by just having an early event that sets up a “find” of some artifact years later. That’s an easy out. But to have disparate timelines working in conjunction with one another? To a common end? Even better to have them a thousand years apart. I love it when threads weave together like that.

That’s all I got today. I’ve been essaying to clarify things before finalizing my manuscript for what I’ve labeled my depression epic (despite being only about sixty thousand words). It takes a lot of energy to think about depression, and about how to convey depression properly, as a threat.

I needed something lighter to think about, and hey, what’s lighter than an assassin with tri-helix DNA, adrenaline surges, scent reduction and phermone/sensuality mechanisms, and how she bookends the continuity of a planned resurrection of life on Earth after an extinction level event?

I mean, right?

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