Add-On Books

I always wonder how popular these are. Maybe they are to hardcore fans, but say, how many people buy the guide to wands in Harry Potter or the taxonomy of vampires and werewolves for Twilight?

It probably depends on the type of fan as well, I suppose.

Harry Potter fans, in my opinion anyway, knowing several hardcore ones, including my step-daughter, seem to be much more interested in the little details. Spells, history, minor characters, that sort of thing.

Twilight fanatics seem much more interested in whether Jacob’s abs are more enticing than Edward’s smoldering eyes. I guess that doesn’t make for good companion books, unless you call Tiger Beat and that ilk companion books (is Tiger Beat still a thing? It was Teen Beat when I was a kid, I think).

Anyway, I always wondered. I know it’s huge in say, the Star Trek or Star Wars worlds, and if they weren’t primary source material, the same could be said about Marvel comics and the MCU.

Me, I’m just thinking about East Of West, and whether The World was really a good buy. It’s mildly interesting, I suppose, and there’ s a minor canonical piece about War’s new travelling companion (or was it Conquest?).

I guess that’s up to the level of fanatic, and the depth and detail of the story world they’re into. Pretty pictures aside, I suspect East Of West has a great deal of intricacy to unpack.

Or at least, a little more than abs and eyes.

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