Some days, a little is all you can do.

We all have big plans running around in our heads, grand, world-changing, universe-bending plans. Maybe it’s a lifestyle we want. Maybe it’s world peace or a green planet or the end of hunger.

Maybe it’s something more insidious.

Maybe it’s something more petty.

Maybe it’s just a little thing. A tiny, miniature little thing you can do to make our lives or the world around us a better place.

Something so small, it might go unnoticed. Something so small, it might be practically indistinguishable from the little things that happen normally over the course of a single day.

But it might be enough for a start. A word, at the start of a story. A paragraph, edited for punctuation. A few steps taken in place, to burn a small number of calories. A solitary deep breath, taken with full awareness and attention, to release a little stress in the shoulders and neck.

It is something. A small something to be sure, done to minor effect.

But it is something.

And sometimes, that’s enough.

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