Month: July 2019


Forty Two

It’s been an awfully long time since I’ve been this depressed. The last time was probably at that den of ego and incompetence I left to start the store, when I had to force myself not to swerve into oncoming traffic every day. I’d say after the store, but mostly there, I felt like a …


Clever Pretense

I’ve never been a fan of pretension. I’ve never been someone who followed trends or got into stuff because that’s what the cool kids were into (wherever in the global pantheon of “coolness” you were trying to fit in – whether that’s mainstream or music snob or blogger mommy or whatever). That’s not to say …


How I Want To Feel

You know, you’d think this was a simple question. You want to feel good. Happy. Blissful. Generally, the idea is to end up on the positive side of the ledger as far as emotions go. Lately, I’ve started to wonder about myself. I’ve heard of and know other people who identify with such completeness their …