I am trying desperately to stay out of the shit.

Out of my head, out of other people’s nonsense, out of the various dramas people insist on inserting into my world.

This whole world, myself included, needs to do better.

They need to be better to each other, to themselves, to creating a world where we don’t obsess over minor details and trivial drama.

No one is entitled to anything. We must earn what we get and we do that not through bitching and complaining or through making the lives of those around us worse.

We earn it by taking responsibility for ourselves and our role in the world.

And we can be petty assholes who take no responsibility for the things we say or do or we can be better, choosing our behaviour in a manner that makes lives better – our own, those we love and indeed, everyone.

Sometimes, that means cutting people out. Sometimes, it means changing jobs or locations or with whom we choose to associate. Sometimes, it means letting go of slights or worries or obsessive behaviour. Sometimes, it means changes in ourselves.

In fact, most often it means exactly that, even if it’s finding the spine to walk away from or confront someone else’s bad behaviour.

Sometimes, it’s a complete overhaul. Sometimes, it’s a write-off. Sometimes, it’s just little tweaks.

And sometimes, it’s just a good night’s sleep to allow for the fog to lift and get some perspective.

That’s what I need right now. A good night’s sleep and some distance.

Because I’m sick of other people’s shit and my own.

It’s time for an overhaul.

But first, sleep.

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