From When We Were Young

I’m amazed now at how many works I either sneered at or didn’t appreciate fully when I was young.

I have a vague recollection of liking Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern series, but thinking it kind of dull and hard to understand.

As I finish Dragonquest, the second book now, I’m blown away, both by my current appreciation for the work, but by my own idiocy in not recognizing what a masterpiece I was reading.

It’s easily the equal ofA Song of Ice and Fire, and indeed, though not quite as violent, there are enough strong parallels in the politics and diversity of characters to believe that it served as an inspiration, I would wager.

The sad part is that now with Game Of Thrones having been so huge, there’s no chance a proper adaption of the Pern series could ever get the credit it’s due, although there’s so much potential there.

It would feel like a rip-off, particularly with the dragons, though it was the clear predecessor.

I’m quite curious now which other authors I didn’t give their proper due from when I was young. Or which other movies or music. Music, especially, I’ve found a great deal more interesting lately, searching through the past for work I never really understood or had written off in my youthful hubris.

Of course, there’s modern things as well, to consider, but I prefer a blend. I’ve never been one to believe that because something is old or new, popular or niche, that it has any inherent positive quality over anything else.

The quality is in the thing; not in its age or exposure.

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