Illnesses And Assholes

I used to be the type who believed you went to work sick. In fact, I still believe that. Unless you’re actively puking or shitting, you go.

Part of that is the number of individuals I know who will just randomly call in sick to play video games or spend the day jerking off. Or maybe they had too much to drink on a school night, so to speak, and just didn’t feel like it the next day.

The laziness factor drives me nuts, because oftentimes, those same people will complain they can’t get ahead or talk about how overworked they are (and just as often, they’re doing less work than a normal employee).

That’s my experience anyway, and over the course of my career in telecommunications/internet, I’ve been in charge of probably roughly five hundred individuals and worked with at least double that where I’ve had some knowledge of work ethic.

So, I’ve got a pretty good basis for comparison.

All that said, I’m starting to re-evaluate days off. There’s no joy in burnout.

I mean, fuck these people taking days off willy-nilly because they would rather sit at home and binge watch reality TV. But those of us who bust ass, day after day, and watch as we get no benefit from it, while some other asskisser who does not contribute any real value gets ahead?

Fuck it, man. Take that day.

Because here’s the thing. It’s all about being happy. And if what we’re doing does not make us happy, then we either need to change the thing we’re doing or change how we relate to that thing.

Maybe we’re just not seeing the thing in the right light. We can try a few different perspectives and see if we can find some joy in what we’re doing. But if we have to start rationalizing, where the perspectives are just excuses to avoid change, then we know.

It’s time to change the thing.

Maybe that day off is a day to reevaluate. Maybe it’s a day to explore a hobby. Maybe it’s a day we can fill with things we truly enjoy, so when we go back, we’re going back with a smile on our face and no regrets.

Then again, maybe all those lazy assholes that stay at home for a tickle in their throat or a self-created hangover are having the time of their lives.

But then again, probably not.

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