Head Cold

Stress can take a person down in the weirdest ways. The damage it does to your immune system, keeping everything in a constant state of stress, is ridiculous.

It’s sustainable, but only for so long.

It’s like the furnace pump motor I just had to replace.

As long as it was on and running, it was able to sustain itself and keep some momentum.

But when the gas company shows up unexpectedly to change your gas meter and turns the gas off, and shuts the pump down, guess what?

Like a body under stress for long periods suddenly at rest, it doesn’t recuperate.

It breaks down. It seizes up the next time it goes to move.

And the bill is expensive.

I’ve allowed myself to shut down. And I’m having immense difficulty getting moving again. Almost immediately, I started up with plugged ears that’s rapidly turning into a head cold.

I’m not recuperating. My body is retaliating for all that time under stress.

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