Month: November 2019



I’ll be honest. I try and stay away from these issues. Mostly, I defer to the experts these days, because it’s clear that as a straight, white male, my opinion is not desired or particularly needed. I can understand that. I try to think of it like talking to a group of experts on paleontology …



I’m a stubborn prick. Not in a narcissistic, my-way-or-the-highway kind of way, but I have traditionally been a difficult student to teach, when I don’t want to learn. This may sound contradictory to the people who know me, because I can be such a “nice guy”. At times, I’m a coward about a lot of …


Getting Over It

I’ve given myself permission to start working on that “other” project. Ultimately, it’s a project too big to contain in one book, and too time consuming for pure novels. I’m not taking the idea of the novel off the table, but I am going back to the story’s roots, which is visual, not literary. If …