Welcome to the home of M.T. Williams, author of Jeopardy, recently published in the December 2017 issue of the Scarlet Leaf Review.

He’s currently shopping around a pair of novellas.

One, Captain Hanna, revolves about lady pirates and the central issue of revenge in the context of tribalism versus cooperation.  He’s really hoping it’s appreciated for its intent, and not cast aside as anti-feminist or mansplaining, because it is intended to be neither of these things.  He’s very much a big believer in women’s rights, and the power of women to do literally anything (that can actually be done in real life without violating the laws of physics).

The other, Dead Talker, is a thoroughly nihilistic horror novella about a boy who talks to dead people (depression metaphor!).  It’s guaranteed to make you at least think about ending it all, though you probably shouldn’t.  (Please don’t.  I don’t need that on my conscience.)

He’s currently at work building another novella about two neighbours who really dislike each other, and somehow, manage to take it all out on a dog.