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(Apple) Dogma

I don’t get Apple fanboys. Don’t get me wrong.  I have an iPod Nano and an iPhone in my pocket right now.  But that’s just because I like them.  I don’t give two fucks about Steve Jobs. Personally, I think he’s vastly overrated.  Or maybe he isn’t, but the level of fanboying that surrounds him …


Union Boys

The guy that lives behind my parents’ house is an asshole.  A genuine, bonafide, overentitled asshole. He’s also a union president. When I was a teenager, then president of the local CAW, along with several of his cronies, tried to bully me into telling my father to cave while I was out with friends at …


The New Economy

There’s a hypothesis going around that we’re on the verge of massive unemployment.  That most jobs are about to be replaced by automation, computers and robots and that the remainder of us better have our shit together or we’re fucked. My father thinks something else will come along that will bolster the economy.  That the …