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My hair is glorious. Kidding. My conditioning is one I’ve spent half a life trying to break free from, and and half a life building.  Conditioning itself isn’t necessarily bad.  It just needs to serve us. Most of us are conditioned haphazardly, the result of circumstance and reaction in the moment.  Taught one way or …



It’s really easy to say that we are all responsible for all of our choices and actions.  That the words that come out of our mouths, and the thoughts that roll around inside of our head are the result of our own decision making. And it’s not wrong.  It’s true. But there’s a caveat.  That …



My greatest educational regret is not that I didn’t finish college or that I dropped out of no less than three high schools. It’s not taking physics. At the time, my choice was between chemistry, biology and physics, and I didn’t have a proper concept of what physics actually were. Had I known that the …