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Benign Gurus

I know there’s worse people in the world than self-help gurus. The sitting administration of the United States of America, with its xenophobia and corruption, for example. And purportedly, self-help gurus are trying to help people live better lives. So as much as we’d like to label the worst of them con men and move …


It’s Cold At Night In Tampere

I like the idea of minimalism. I really do. Unfortunately, I have this problem. It’s not the usual problem where someone says yes to everything and then ends up overwhelmed and letting everyone down because they’ve got too much on their plate. That’s for people with an obsessive need to please. I’m not super interested …


Carnies And The Way Forward

My father-in-law started working as a carnie when he was twelve. He showed up on the day the circus hit town and was swept up by some guy who yelled, “Hey, kid! Need a job?” and next thing he knew, he was holding one of the ropes that guided the elephants that helped lift the …