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personal development


I love the idea that everyone has a genius inside of them, unique and specific to them. Of course, there will be similarities.  Many people have a genius for music or math or social situations.  But not all of them do it the same way, not exactly. That’s kind of the beauty of this universe.  …

personal development


I love the idea of kaizen. Small changes, tiny adjustments, that build up to massive gains over time?  What a wonderful concept and in line with the little things being what makes life worthwhile. We’re all so used to change being presented as this sudden massive thing, when in reality, it’s usually much more gradual …

personal development

Actions And Words

I get shit for it sometimes, but I enjoy self-help, personal development books. Yes, I know most of the practitioners are saying nothing new.  Yes, I know most of them are shysters. Still, there’s a fascination in it.  I don’t believe in the law of attraction or the power of positive thinking or that kind …