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Time Travel

Time travel.  Ah, everyone’s favourite barrier we have yet to cross. It seems so linear, but is so easily understood in different shapes, that allow for such deeper understandings. And yet, still, it goes on, a straight line, with all else speculation. As yet, time travel is a myth, a theory that can’t possibly be …


Time And Space Dimensions

I have a note here that says “idea for blog: time and space dimensions”.  Presumably, this has something to do with reading The Time Machine, but I have no idea. As I mentioned, my great educational regret is that I didn’t take physics in school. I’m not really sure where I was going with that note, …


Total Eclipse

Sadly, we won’t see it here in redneck North, but we will get a partial eclipse, which is pretty sweet. Solar stuff like this, hell, universal stuff, fascinates me.  It’s not really that complicated of a situation, but it’s one of those naturally occurring phenomenon that are just plain cool. Like a waterfall.  It’s just …