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Am I Generic?

I started reading David Eddings’ High Hunt today. I was a fan of Eddings as a child for his fantasy series, the Belgeriad and the Malloreon. My brother and I have talked about re-reading them, in order to see if my eldest niece, who is a great lover of fiction and fantasy, might like them. …



It’s a staple of fantasy fiction everywhere. The prophecy that foretells of a pending doom and a particular person or person as the only chance to stop it and save the world/girl/country/human race/whatever. And I get it. It’s an impetus to push a character into a larger role, to put them in situations where conflict …


Posthumous Fame

What is it about dying that automatically confers fame on artists? John Kennedy Toole. Michelle McNamara. Edgar Allen Poe. Kafka. Thoreau. Vincent Van Gogh only sold one painting in his lifetime. Why are we waiting? Does death bring some kind of legitimacy? Would Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hendrix be as revered if they’d lived? Or …