I’m tired. Very tired. Working full time while committed to a minimum 2000 words a day is exhausting. I’d cut back on the words, but I’m almost in my mid-forties. I don’t have time to take it easy if I want a writing career.

That said, I am pressing slo-mo on the writing for a week, only because I know that driving to Florida and back is unlikely to produce quality work. I’m going to try for five to seven hundred words a day, and double up for a week or two when I get back in order to hit my deadline for the current novella.

I take self-imposed deadlines very seriously. When I work, I try to stay in the moment, and focus on the thing I’m doing at that moment (admittedly difficult at times). However, sometimes it can be tough to get started, or to maintain momentum. Deadlines create pressure and thus, motivation. I know how much work there is to do, and letting it pile up won’t do me any favours, so it kicks my butt into gear.

Unrealistic deadlines create stress, but a good deadline helps with avoiding procrastination (some certainly wait until that last minute, but I am not that person – mostly.)

If I were to leave it open-ended, I might lose the plot and not come back to it for days or weeks, thereby ensuring another decade will pass without authorial progress.

I plan on launching Jeopardy when I return, and a couple of weeks later, the Mungk should be ready. I think it’s a solid piece and though I almost ditched it for another super large concept I had yesterday, I did not.

I found a way (sort of) to have my cake and eat it too when it came to that other project. It’s an amazing project, but to do it right, I’d have to spend literal decades on it, and my concern is that dealing with nothing but the same world will suck the fun out of it for me, or that it might become rote or people will get so locked in to characters that I’ll lose them if I do something they don’t like to one of them, a la Marvel and DC’s bigger heroes or most detective novels.

I don’t want to write most detective novels, and I don’t want to get into a situation where it becomes too big, so that no ending or change can satisfy its fans, a la the Game Of Thrones ending (I actually have a much better one in mind where it ends similarly, but the lead-up is so much better done that it doesn’t seem so anti-climactic. Seriously, as soon as they stepped into the throne room, it felt like an amateur took over and tried to wrap everything up 1980s sitcom style.)

Anyway, Mungk it is, that other project will hit in a different form later.

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