Losing Trees

I am cutting down a maple tree today. Not me specifically, but an arborist I paid to take it down.

The tree is roughly 75-80 feet up and at 215 lbs, I am not equipped to shimmy up the trunk and start sawing. With the main trunk cracking down the middle though, it’s unavoidable. I don’t need it to fall on my house.

That said, it fills me with great sadness. Not only will I miss the shade and presence in our backyard, but we’ve lost enough trees in this world. It is truly a shame to lose any tree, let alone a majestic one of who knows how many years.

We’ve planted two cherry trees in the back to try and cover, but there’s something truly grand about the great trees like maples and oaks. I would love one day to make it out to where the California redwoods grow.

I still fondly remember placing my hands on the great banyan tree in Lahaina. There truly is nothing more beautiful than a landscape covered in verdure, save the possibility of that blue-green that lives in the waters of the Carribbean.

More nature, people, not less.

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