The Mungk – Playlist

Whenever I write anything of any length, I like to create a playlist to go along with it. The playlist evolves as the project goes on, with me filling in the blanks with things that strike me in the moment, songs I felt beforehand would be perfect and ones I searched for to cover the holes at the end.

In some cases, there’s a theme in the song that matches the chunk of the story that it relates to. Sometimes, it’s meant as background noise to the action, while at other times, it serves as an intro or the punctuation mark on a big event, like the sudden rise of a song as a favourite TV show cuts to credits.

I have to look hard for songs for certain scenes, while others naturally come up during the writing or editing phase, and feel so completely connected to whatever work I’m doing at the moment that I can’t help but include it, even if it doesn’t always make instant sense.

Still, when synchronicity like that occurs, it becomes impossible to separate the two things. It’s not meant to be a perfect list. It is a list that if I hear it, and think about the story, it will pull me into that space, into the characters and the setting and the events surrounding them, and all the ideas and feelings attached.

That’s a good playlist, in my opinion, if it does that.

Without further ado, here’s the playlist for The Mungk.

It All Began When Alice Got Sick: Road To Nowhere – Talking Heads
The House In The Country: Living In The Shadows – Billy Talent
Nightlight: Nightmares – Violent Femmes
What Does That Mungk Do?: Marquee Moon – Television
Grounded: Flashlight – Parliament
Light Inside You: Run – Snow Patrol
Pillow?I Went To Sleep – The Beach Boys
The Alice Aftermath: Never Tear Us Apart – INXS
You Can’t Leave Her Alone: Last Night I Dreamed You Didn’t Love Me – The Tragically Hip
To The Floor: Tightrope – All Dinosaurs
Power’s Out: Dig My Grave – They Might Be Giants
The Shape: My Father’s House – Bruce Springsteen
Aftermath: Morning – Beck

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