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Holiday Hangover

I’m in a bit of a funk.  Things were going swimmingly on the catching up front through the holidays, and Christmas and all its craziness in particular.  I didn’t think the New Year’s weekend would be particularly difficult to at least maintain the possibility of keeping pace, but things went quite off the rails, time …



I feel like maybe I should explain my stance on drugs. I don’t believe drugs should be considered a criminal affair.  Lots of the behaviour that stems from addiction can lead to criminal acts, but the stigma of drug use is largely what drives that. Prohibition was much the same.  People would still drink, but …


Long Weekend, Part 2

Ugh.  Beer, rum, apples to apples, and asshole. Today was a painful one, only mitigated with some headache pills and a couple of coffees filled with Bailey’s and Wolfhead Coffee Whiskey (superb, by the way). The diet starts Tuesday, as does the alcohol sabbatical. Books on pirates continue, though I’ve foresworn using the term “lady …