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PJ Day

In anticipation of another trip to Florida, today is a day for housecleaning and couches. I curl up with the second of the D’Artagnan romances, which I hope ends as well as the first, in which I discovered a villain of the highest order – Milady. Great villains make great heroes, and without her Satanic …


French Sorrow

I’ve been reading a lot of Dumas, to go along with the great deal of H.G. Wells and personal development books into which I’ve been delving. The reason for the self-help stuff is to remain focused, and thinking about purpose and joy and other such motivational human factors helps me do so, though I’ll admit …


Sunday, Sunday

What a beautiful weekend.  It seems almost as though August and September have switched places, and the heat and humidity of late summer is now the mark of fall, and a sign of August’s disappointment left behind. Would that my father hadn’t closed the pool. I’m having an enjoyable time, having finally found some Alexandre …