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Seamless Recreations

It’s been a bad couple of days. I was planning on writing about how much I love it when someone reboots/re-imagines something and actually makes it better, while still leaving room for the old material to fall into continuity. However, this weekend, I spent an evening with my wife at my old job’s Christmas party, …


Teen Angst

Sometimes, I feel like I never got over it. How tortuous it is to be young, to be weened on heroes and ideals, to know, in your heart, in your mind, that everything is supposed to be good, only to find out how wrong you are. How devastating to find out your guardians are not …



I don’t know how other people deal with it.  How other people just blindly continue the same stupid, shitty, entitled behaviour they do, over and over again, without cease and apparently, without regret. For me, I can’t fathom intentionally screwing people over or telling lies about them.  Yeah, you have to look out for yourself, …