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Silence As A Condition To Happiness

To be fair, I don’t believe silence is a requirement to be happy.  One can be happy in the midst of a Foo Fighters’ concert (like the one that registered on seismographs in New Zealand). However, I believe that to be able to achieve that level of happiness, one must be able to find that …


Attention Versus Awareness

I feel like these are two are halves of the same coin, although that would imply opposites when it’s almost more symbiotic. Attention is more focused than awareness.  Attention hones in on a single item. A conversation. A project. A favourite television show. Awareness is more general and less specific. It’s the sense of space …



What we focus on determines the content of our lives. I don’t mean that in some bullshit law of attraction way, where if you think it, it will come.  I mean that what we focus on becomes part of the fabric of our reality. Things will still proceed as they will, but our perception of …