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Survival Of The Fittest

Obviously, evolution is a thing. Proven by science, observable in reality, it’s a theory with enough supportable evidence to be considered truth. Ignore any fundamentalist Christians who tell you otherwise. Their entire proof is in hearsay and a book that if they actually read it, they’d realize it makes no sense at all. (Seriously. Question …

personal development


I love the idea of kaizen. Small changes, tiny adjustments, that build up to massive gains over time?  What a wonderful concept and in line with the little things being what makes life worthwhile. We’re all so used to change being presented as this sudden massive thing, when in reality, it’s usually much more gradual …


Hello, World

I’ve been thinking about how to say “Hello, world.”  I don’t really have an answer. Part of the issue is that I spent the first thirty years of my life operating under the assumption that my intelligence would carry me through.  Blinded by personal dogma, I didn’t really understand who the enemy truly was, or …