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Headache Sunday

After last night’s epic vegan meal adventure, I am definitely feeling the aftereffects.  Of course, that might be the combination of Bailey’s, chardonnay-musque, chocolate and cherries dessert one, plus a couple of craft beers, on a stomach filled mostly with vegetables. It did remind me of why I’m not vegan.  Even though individuality, there wasn’t …


Games Night

It’s been a long, wonderful day.  Every day, I wake up thinking of everything I intend to do that day, and whether the day will allow for it, or whether my energy will sustain it. I know I’ve been pushing myself hard for the past four or five months, but life is short, and I’ve …



I’ve set a target of next Friday to be totally caught up on everything (or almost everything) before I leave for Oshawa after work. Unfortunately, that probably means shorter time here, but my wordcrafting and ideation skills suck balls right now with how little sleep I’ve managed this past week. Not sure if it’s the …