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Golden Circle

There’s a popular TED talk by Simon Sinek around the power of Why.  In fact, he followed that up with a whole book called Start With Why, that took the concept in his talk (which lasted roughly 20 minutes), and made it last several hours, with no variation on theme. I thought it an odd choice …


Expanding Worlds

Twelve times in the past seven years, I’ve read the same book about naming your genius. Twelve times I’ve come up with a name, then immediately started second guessing it.  Every time, I end up having to read it again, because I’m just not getting it. But every time, I expanded a little.  It forced …


Fear As Primary Driver Of War

A few weeks back, I was reading Pretty Deadly by Kelly Sue Deconnick and Emma Rios and was struck by the notion in their second arc, that war occurs and gets ugly when it masters fear. That fear is ultimately the thing harnessed by war to drive its own homicidal intent. I think this is fairly …