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The snow brings a silence that settles everything, it seems.  There’s a scientific reason.  Something about the crystalline structure of fresh-fallen snow acting as an absorbent for sound.  That accounts for the seeming peace that joins us each time there’s a fresh snowfall. Today, we’re in the process of receiving said gift in abundance.  It …


Mudmen, The Morning After

It’s been a long time since I went to a concert where it was just little.  The smoke in the air (from fog machines, not cigarettes, these days), the anticipation, the bands and songs you’ve never heard, but totally dig… it brought me back to rented halls and high school drama, and trying to make …


Quiet And Happiness

I think it’s really the matter of getting lost in the moment.  Our minds often clamber with random thoughts, worries, obsessions and addictions.  Gossip, self-doubt, criticism, jealousy and hopelessness can all crowd the mind and make us forget our moments. At times, this can work well.  For me, getting lost in a distraction such as …