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Onion Breath

I’m a food person.  A foodie, a glutton, a gourmand, whatever you want to call it. I’m not a food snob either.  I like hearty meals, some fast food, some high end stuff, some salads, some compilations of lard and meat and cheese that would end a person’s life in the right situation.  I’ve dropped …


Holiday Hangover

I’m in a bit of a funk.  Things were going swimmingly on the catching up front through the holidays, and Christmas and all its craziness in particular.  I didn’t think the New Year’s weekend would be particularly difficult to at least maintain the possibility of keeping pace, but things went quite off the rails, time …


Last Day In Paradise

Jamaica has been such a beautiful place, alternating between hot and hotter, with spectacular views, beautiful seas and delicious food. Seriously.  The buffet at an all-inclusive can be a bit of a disappointment at times, but this place has a done it a real justice.  The only thing I had an actual dislike for was …