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Pure Order

I never really understood the concept of pure order. Utopias set up where everyone is perfectly in their place and happy don’t make sense to me. The whole authoritarian thing where everyone just does what they’re told. Classism, the whole caste system, anything where things are put into very specific boxes and held there as …



In reading through the Aphrodite IX/IXth Generation series, I ran into a couple of those reference books that Matt Hawkins likes to use. In the one for IXth Generation, he lists all the different types of states that the IXs created in their individual territories. With styles as diverse as neofascist state, autocratic anarchy, theocratic dictatorship and …



I have a lot I want to do in life.  Everyone does, but I’m of the rare few that actually took the time to become organized about it. Unfortunately, I find myself often feeling crushed under the weight of to-do lists and epic project boards.  I’ve tried minimalism, to simplify down to the basics, but …