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Brother’s Birthday

It’s my older brother’s birthday.  From him, I’ve inherited a love of the alternative, and a disdain for difference for difference’s sake, as well as two wonderfully precocious nieces. I don’t have kids and don’t plan on having them, so it’s awesome to have a couple of quick-witted and wondrous kids around with whom to …


Board Games

I love board games. I’m especially a fan of ones that have simple concepts, with just enough rules to be easily followed, but require actual thought and strategy to truly beat and win. Think Ticket To Ride or Pandemic, my personal favourite.  It used to be Monopoly but it turns out that I only enjoyed …



Life is lived in immersion, not distraction. Whether it’s the crushing angst of the loss of a close friend or family member, or the joyous high of peak creation, all the biggest moments of our lives, the ones that make life what it really is, are immersive. Think sitting around a pool with a couple …