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Prurient Interest

I wonder how much damage this concept has done in society? If we accept the common association between sex and all kinds of emotional disorders, then that means that one of two things is true: either that sex itself and the interest in it gives rise to various psychological disorders, or that society’s stigma of …


Dead Talker

This was a hard one. I’m always drawn toward the dark shit.  Not the viciously malevolent stuff, like the Manson Family or true crime serial killer stories, but the philosophically dark. From punk rock to V For Vendetta to zombie lore, I love it when things get dark.  It’s a great trait, I suppose, for …


True Self

About a month and a half ago, I read a personal development book that changed my perspective on self. The author, as usual, depicted himself as a guru.  A business genius who meditated and did yoga and travelled and only surrounded himself with positive people and positive thoughts and as a result, was fabulously wealthy …