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The Irony Of Self-Help

The problem with self-help books is that they love to paint pictures of success that most of us will never see, and often don’t exist. They purveyors of these “truths” aren’t always multi-millionaires like they’d have you believe. The people they use as examples, as models to emulate, often only tell a very skewed part …

personal development


I love the idea that everyone has a genius inside of them, unique and specific to them. Of course, there will be similarities.  Many people have a genius for music or math or social situations.  But not all of them do it the same way, not exactly. That’s kind of the beauty of this universe.  …


My Why

If you’ve ever read Simon Sinek’s book, Start With Why, or saw his TED talk about the same subject, you’ll have an idea where I’m going with this. (While we’re on the subject, watch the TED talk.  Don’t bother with the book, unless you need eighty-six examples written in 246 pages of small type and relentless …