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It’s always been my belief that there is only one actual driver of human behaviour, although it manifests in a myriad of different sub-motivations. I believe that every human action is driven by the desire to reach a state of total bliss. From sex to suicide, from the pursuit of power and the power of …


The Goal (Or Not)

What I’m searching for is bliss. Fully present, fully focused, live in it, grow in it, bliss. And not as an end goal, because that is a fallacy and a fool’s errand, not to mention unrealistic. I used to think, like most people, that happiness is an achievable place in time, an end point, a …


Depression, On Fire

When it comes to writing about depression, the words won’t come. I don’t know what it is, but writing honestly about depression induces writer’s block in me. It’s not something I talk about with others very often, or at all, but it’s been an old friend since I first learned God wasn’t real, and that …