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It’s funny. Most people feel the big years.  The ones that end in zero.  At the very least, the ones that end in five. Me, that’s never bothered.  There’s a running joke about my thirtieth birthday.  I went from partying every weekend, to having a house, wife and two kids all in one day, when …

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I’ve tried a lot of different systems.  The super-detailed, massively delineated GTD system, the no-system, the simplified system, whatever. There’s a million different names.  The problem is they all suffer from the same defect. Yes, getting it all out of your head into someplace you can easily reference it is great. Not constantly checking for …


Process Versus Goal

It’s funny how you can not be looking for something and find it. I recently re-read The Practicing Mind by Thomas Sterner.  Re-reading it so closely to that tome of wanna-be guru Eckhart Tolle, I couldn’t help but remark how much better it is at conveying the sense of presence. Sterner does so humbly, without all …