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French Sorrow

I’ve been reading a lot of Dumas, to go along with the great deal of H.G. Wells and personal development books into which I’ve been delving. The reason for the self-help stuff is to remain focused, and thinking about purpose and joy and other such motivational human factors helps me do so, though I’ll admit …


Enthusiasm (And The Tendency To Curb It)

I don’t think there’s any better feeling in the world than getting totally engrossed in something. I mentioned before that I’m all about expanding worlds, mine and others, so when I find a new world with a rich history to delve through, whether it’s a book on Roman politics in the time of Nero or …


Victorian Oppression

Or is it repression? I’ve been reading a lot of H.G. Wells books lately, his earlier stuff, the big stuff, but also, some of the smaller, less well known books like The Wonderful Visit and The Wheels Of Chance. It’s funny that we always seem to romanticize the Victorian era, that when it comes to Gothic romance or …