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It is roughly -500 below zero outside, at least -400 degrees of which seems to have seeped into my house. Normally, I love winter, but it’s the sports and the fresh fallen snow that get me.  Hot chocolate, and the sparkle of the sun off newly fallen snowflakes.  I don’t even mind shovelling or driving.  …


Lowered Expectations

There’s a motto I’ve used in the past that seems like pretty good advice for me. Aim high, expect nothing. I used to think in universal terms, that I would someday stumble upon the secret to life, the universe and everything (apologies to Douglas Adams for not using the 42 reference) and that it would …



Everything is practice. Everything we do is to improve or maintain our skill level at whatever it is we’re doing.  Whether it’s a trade, a sport, a hobby or a mental faculty, every time we do something, we are practicing. That, of course, says nothing of the quality of that practice. If you’re practicing accuracy …