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Yesterday was meant to be a post on nudism, and ended up on body positivity instead, which is another can of worms.  Not that I don’t believe in it, but it’s a sort of microcosm of how political correctness can hurt a dialogue.  The general idea is good, but the application often brooks no dissent, …


Letting Go

It’s funny how we can spend so much time thinking about our self-awareness and be willfully ignorant of the things that bother us at the same time. I have a tendency to bottle things up.  I do.  I try to let go of little stuff.  People tell me I’m very calm and “chill”, but I …



This is always difficult. It’s utterly critical to the success of a happy moment, but it’s still so difficult.  So many things conspire to take us out of the moment and into drama or worry or fear or depression or anger or whatever. Anywhere but here. Now. In this moment. And this moment, as the …