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Process And Expansion

I have a tendency to cripple myself by taking on too much. When I was young, I saw my genius spreading out like a spark in a void that fuels a new big bang, to eventually encompass all that is. Grandiose, sure, but that wasn’t hyperbole. I assumed that it was possible to actually convert …


You’ve Got To Be In It

I was reading Thomas Sterner’s follow-up to a personal favourite of mine, The Practicing Mind, purported to be the more practical edition, and I came across an idea that stuck with me. The story centred around a golfer who had a tendency to self-destruct if she put too much pressure on herself. She spiralled into …


Field Of Dreams Is Bullshit

I am a failed businessman. I hate to say it, but it’s true. I can visualize all the systems, all the theory, all the necessary behavioural needs to make real leaders and motivated, happy employees. I’ve fought those battles in big businesses and small, made the mistakes that I had to learn from and I …