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Penultimate Exorcism

As I finish the last touches on the final draft of Dead Talker, and get it ready to prep for a final manuscript tomorrow to be sent out, I have to wonder. How far did this go in exorcising a few demons? Was it an exercise in wallowing, or did it help me face the …


Invite Fear In

I’ll admit that I struggle with fear. The fear of rejection, of judgment, of discovering that I’m not what I think I am, of discovering that I’m the very dullard I oppose, that I’m a divisive human being, the gossiper, the seed sower of unhappiness and oppression, all this worries me to my very core. …


Onward Toward The Self

I’m coming to grips with the idea that there is no end. I mean, not that we won’t end.  All things eventually do.  In the existential scheme of the multiverse, on the scale of infinity, eternity and dimensionality, we will all become footnotes in history, if we are remembered at all.  The merest speck of …